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Don't wait for time.....make it!

Don't wait for love.....,feel it!

Don't wait for money....earn it!

Don't wait for the path...,find it!

Don't wait for opportunity...create it!

Don't go for less....go for the best!

Don't compare....Be unique!

Don't fight your misfortune...transform it!

Don't avoid failures...use it!

Don't dwell on mistake...learn from it!

Don't back down...go around!

Don't close your your mind!

Don't run from life...embrace it!

You can never make the same mistake twice... because the second time you make it, it's not a mistake: it's a choice. -

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  • FrkSnefnug

    Stooort tillykke med føsdagen og god jul 🙂

  • Gammelfar59

    Hallehøj der. Hjertelig tillykke med dagen.

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